Empowering the Portuguese Space Industry.


Led by GEOSAT, the project New Space Portugal is a consortium of 39 organisations, with the goal of designing, developing, producing and launching Earth Observation satellites, positioning Portugal at the forefront of global markets.

By 2025, New Space Portugal aims to develop the satellites for future constellations (Atlantic Constellation, Open Constellation, AIS/VDES Constellation, and SAR Constellation) to address global Earth Observation markets. Additionally, New Space Portugal will create a digital platform entitled Digital Planet, to integrate data from multiple sources and provide value-added services.

The goal is to position Portugal in the premier league of Earth Observation through Space, creating national capacity to not only accelerate the growth of the aerospace industry in the country, but also place Portugal at the forefront of a highly technological and promising sector for the future of our societies and, consequently, contributing to a more sustainable planet.

mountains and clouds view from space



Explore the emerging potential of Space with the aim of enhancing and creating new markets for society on a global scale.

Stimulating the exploitation of space data and signals through space-based services and applications, fostering the emergence of new markets and skilled employment.


Promoting the development, construction and operation of space equipment, systems and infrastructures as well as space data production services, with a particular emphasis on small and micro-satellites.


Developing national capacity and expertise through specialised education, scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific culture, thereby ensuring the long-term sustainability of space infrastructures, services and applications.