39 entities, a common purpose.

Academia da Força Aérea (AFA)
The Air Force has extensive experience in maritime surveillance and monitoring through aerial observation and imagery. In this Agenda, it will contribute to defining technical and operational requirements for the systems, validating use cases and requirements for security and emergency verticals, and developing short courses and advanced training in the space domain, with a specific focus on military applications. In some cases, this collaboration will extend to partnerships with civilian universities.
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AED Cluster Portugal
Involving more than 120 Portuguese entities in the Aeronautics, Space, and Defence sectors, AED will spearhead work package 6, concentrating on promoting initiatives to enhance training, qualification, and internationalisation in the Space sector's R&D+I. AED will actively publicize and advocate for the work carried out on a global scale, highlighting its results and emphasising the value of innovation, technology transfer, and their transformation into new goods and services.
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AIR Centre
International collaborative organisation promoting an integrative approach to space, climate, ocean and energy through the Atlantic. The AIR Centre will be responsible for WP 5, defining user requirements and associated services. It will also participate in the Atlantic Constellation requirements definition, and on the Digital Planet, in particular in: biodiversity monitoring; estimation of oceanic physical parameters, and Big Data processing through Machine Learning. Air Centre will develop non-economic activities throughout this Agenda focused on the scientific development and collaborative promotion.
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BEE2FIRE is an R&D company for Digital Products, with includes IoT solutions across several markets. At New Space Portugal it will participate in the development of a solution, based on satellite images and computer vision technology that allows, with high granularity, to detect and monitor the evolution of forest fires with built-in AI algorithms.
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Through its Space and Ocean unit, CEiiA plays a key role in the New Space Portugal agenda, where it contributes to systems engineering and development of high and very high-resolution satellites in the Atlantic constellation. To this end, it will work in close collaboration with the satellite systems integrator, also getting involved in the procurement, assembly, integration and testing of satellite subsystems. CEiiA will also play a relevant role in the development of the Digital Planet, in two main areas: basic infrastructure and applications based on satellite data.
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The +ATLANTIC is a private non-profit association, which acts as a Collaborative Laboratory for the advancement of the national scientific and technological system in the fields of Space and Ocean. In this way, +ATLANTIC plays two key roles in the New Space Portugal agenda: it supports the definition of the HR and VHR components of the Atlantic Constellation and develops innovative applications based on satellite data, which will be implemented in the Digital Planet.
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DSTelecom's role in the New Space Portugal project involves developing a satellite-based LoRa IoT system, which includes antennas, front-ends and an SDR. Communication is carried out directly between the IoT sensors and the satellite, i.e. without using an aggregator, and the data downlink is carried out by the same uplink antenna, which communicates with a ground station developed for the purpose.
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EVOLEO Technologies is a Portuguese SME that invests in competences related to the design of critical and highly complex electronic systems. EVOLEO covers five areas of activity: Space, Transport, Energy, Health and Industry. In this Agenda, Evoleo will contribute to the Atlantic High Resolution Constellation through the development of an EPC system, a set of EGSEs (focused on energy systems) and OBC units (including hardware and firmware).
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FHP has more than 15 years of activities in the space sector, mainly in studies the European Space Agency, as development and supply of flight hardware for ESA science missions, namely, ExoMars 2016, Euclid, JUICE and PLATO. Within the scope of the VHR Atlantic satellite constellation, it will work on the thermal system, with the development and supply of thermal insulation, such as Multi-Layer Insulation, on the development of COPVs and, lastly, on the Very High-Resolution Constellation central tube. Within the VDES Constellation it will support the development, production and industrialisation of the VDES antenna.
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GEOSAT is an Earth Observation company that owns and operates its own high and very high-resolution satellites for collecting images and data about the Earth from space. As one of the two operators of very high-resolution satellites in Europe, GEOSAT brings the potential of EO from space to People, Companies and Institutions worldwide in its daily operations. With over a decade of experience and the adaptability to meet customer needs, GEOSAT maximises third-party value, delivering bespoke solutions while addressing global challenges from the vantage point of space. Leveraging its fleet of satellites orbiting the planet multiple times a day, GEOSAT provides high-quality images and analyses, generating impactful information for informed decision-making. This unique capability positions GEOSAT to utilize space and technology to enhance life on Earth. As the leader of the New Space Portugal agenda, GEOSAT serves as the operator for the Atlantic Satellite Constellation on the Portuguese side. Additionally, the company is tasked with the management of the agenda and the implementation of the Digital Planet project.
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