24 January, 2024

New Space Portugal participated in the 16th edition of the European Space Conference in Brussels


Several companies that integrate the New Space Portugal consortium attended the 16th edition of European Space Conference, held in Brussels, at the end of January. The official program, one of the most significant for the European space sector, featured Portuguese representation in four debates. Participants included Francisco Vilhena da Cunha from GEOSAT, André Dias from CEiiA, André Oliveira from N3O, and Emir Sirage from New Space Portugal.


The panels discussed the contribution of Earth Observation to the implementation of the European Green Deal; its role in emergency situations and catastrophes; the importance of startups in space sector innovation; and the development of applications based on satellite technologies. Portuguese speakers shared their visions and ambitions for this rapidly growing sector.


In addition to GEOSAT, CEiiA, and N3O, other entities from the New Space Portugal consortium such as Omnidea, the AIR Centre - Atlantic International Research Centre, and VdA Vieira de Almeida, were also present. The conference provided an opportunity to connect with the industry's main international stakeholders and promote Portugal's expertise, innovations, and technology on the global stage.


Attendance at the 16th European Space Conference also allowed CEiiA and GEOSAT to officially present the Atlantic Constellation. The aim is to address emerging sustainability and security challenges using a vast portfolio of satellite images and Earth Observation technologies.


Furthermore, CEiiA announced a partnership with the German company OHB to establish the startup N3O. This startup will focus on the development and integration of new Very High Resolution Earth Observation satellites, contributing to the New Space Portugal Agenda.

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